Reborn in peace is the call for awakening to start changing your perspective on life. Fuck rest; reborn in peace and embraces the real you. The conscious mind not having limitations is why learning daily is a part of the journey. What you observe shapes your reality. DAMAGECTRL is not an act but a state of being. Reborn in peace is not about change; it’s about transformation.

What Comes After Forever is about redefining curiosity into faith. To ponder what happens beyond forever drives us into an endless loop. our willingness to accept that certain things are simply beyond our control and to start shifting our mind towards things we can control. Curiosity can be unsettling, but certainty of everything is colourless. To have faith is to be strong enough to let go and let God.

Monomyth is the path to be reborn in peace. The journey to the state of self-consciousness does not take place outside of us; it’s a journey inside of us. It can’t be done by someone else, gained through accomplishments, possessions, or success. To find yourself is to understand everything else. Give yourself time to reveal itself to you. Allow time for you to understand you.