Whenever asked about what is DAMAGECTRL we never really had an answer for it. Look at our portrait tee and here lies the answer. The Cult of Consciousness isn’t really a cult. What it is though, is a statement for what we are trying to reach as a collective.
Photographed by one of our founders during his trip in Milan, the picture was shared with the rest of us. As we were listening to the stories told by him about the trip, we realised the sculpture was built during the renaissance era—the ‘rebirth’ period for Europe. An era filled with philosophy, literature, and art. We at DAMAGECTRL resonate with those values and ultimately discovered our meaning for ‘The Cult of Consciousness’. Defined as “the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings”, spreading consciousness to everyone around us has always been and always will be our shared mission. So take this creation of ours as our statement piece. A statement to be aware, awake, and alive to everything around you. The people of Europe’s golden age has proven what we can be with that state of mind. We want you to do the same by constantly reaching the pinnacle of consciousness and being the golden standard of what people can achieve when doing so.